Appreciation to the Many
Contributors to this Website

We want to acknowledge and express our appreciation all the people who have made contributions to the fulfillment and success of this website. The Trustees of the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation (Doris Bass, Michael Wylie, David Calhoun and Michael Calhoun), and in particular the contributions, oversight and coordination of the materials presented here by David Calhoun and Ed Deane have made this website possible, along with the technical magic and expertise of webmaster Skip Hill.

Of course, the original detailed information and origination of the collection was due to the decades of work and study by Harry W. Bass, Jr. The information background and photography presented here are in large part the work of Q. David Bowers, and his excellent staff of specialists at Bowers and Merena Galleries, who also did the four sales catalogs for the Bass items which were sold in 1999 and 2000. With photographs by Doug Placensia, research by Mark Borkardt and John Pack, and the excellent writing of Dave Bowers on the details of each item, all of Bowers and Merena, how could we miss? Mr. Bowers is also completing a Sylloge of the Harry Bass Core Collection (HBCC), from which much of this detailed material on the website is taken.

The American Numismatic Association (ANA), in the person of its curator, Robert Hoge, also made very significant contributions in the description of each item, as well as the organization of the materials, and their display at the ANA Money Museum at Colorado Springs, CO. It would not have been possible to bring everything together without the help and guidance of their Executive Director, Ed Rochette, and his fine staff.

The professional development of the HBCC display and presentation at the Money Museum in Colorado Springs, which opened July 14, 2001, was through HOK of St. Louis (concept and design), and Chedd-Angier of Boston (audio-visual presentation), and Maltbie (display cases), and their fine staffs.


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