Harry W. Bass, Jr.
Memories of His Life*

  Preface - Arthur Houghton
My Husband Harry - Doris Bass

His Life and Legacy (Six Parts) - Leslie A. Elam
- Coming of Age
- Bass Buys a Mountain
- The Lore of Numismatics
- The 1989 ANS COAC Exhibition
- The Harry Bass Era at ANS
-The Harry Bass Research Foundation
  Essays In Appreciation of His Life
A Tribute to Harry - Kenneth Bressett
Harry Bass - A Remembrance - Francis D. Campbell
A Tribute to a Great Numismatist - Ed Deane
A Life of Learning - Leslie A. Elam
Mr. Bass Remembered - Rose Chan Houston
Harry Bass - Stanley Kesselman
Harry W. Bass, Jr. - John M. Kleeberg
My Most Unforgettable Character - William E. Metcalf
Harry Bass - A Good Person - Donald G. Partrick
Harry W. Bass, Jr., A Consummate Numismatist - Margo Russell

Letters In Appreciation of His Life
Q. David Bowers - Chairman, Auctions by Bowers & Merena, Inc.
Elvira Clain-Stefanelli - Curator, National Numismatic Collection, Smithsonian
Richard G. Doty - Curator of Numismatics, National Numismatic Collection
Robert W. Hoge - Curator, ANA Museum
Kay Bailey Hutchison - U. S. Senator
George F. Kolbe - Numismatic Bookseller
Julian M. Leidman - Coin Dealer
John M. McCloskey - President, Liberty Seated Collectors Club
Edward Milas - RARCOA
Clifford Mishler - President, Krause Publications
Col. William Bain Murray - Coin Collector
Eric P. Newman - Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society
Harvey G. Stack - Stack's, New York City
Anthony Terranova - Coin Dealer
Landon Thomas - ANS Council Member
Mary Ellen Withrow - Treasurer of the United States

* Following the death of Harry Bass, Jr. in April 1998, Leslie A. Elam as Executive Director of the ANS at that time, was Editor for this copyrighted ANS publication of an outpouring of testimonials to the life and legacy of Harry Bass. Presented here is an electronic version of that publication, so that it can be shared with those around the world who may not have seen it, and who are interested in numismatics and Mr. Bass's contribution to the field.


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